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Naming Ceremonies

What better way to introduce a new family member than to host a Naming Ceremony with your loved ones present. As there are no legal obligations with these ceremonies you have full control over how we create a unique and memorable experience.

I have a lot of resources including candles, lanterns, poems, and readings.  We can perform  ceremonial rituals like rose petal blessings, tree planting, bubble wishes and sand blending ceremonies to include the whole family. 

Guide-parents, Godparents or Grandparents can be chosen to play a part in the ceremony and I have a list of heartwarming vows that can be made by friends and family.

These ceremonies are full of fun, laughter and love.


Your ceremony - your way.


Let's Talk...

10 Starr Close, Camden, 2570. 

Sydney, NSW, Australia.

0412 235 472

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